Sunday, October 2, 2011

Real Fish Bait 2011 new baits are now here! Baby Bass Double Trouble Spinnerbait!

"Real Fish Bait 2011 new baits are now here!"

The bigger 12” and 10” baits are great to slow roll in deep water. Swim the bait across rocky points, drop offs or shallow weed beds. Take treble hook off when throwing in weedy, woody areas. Use the treble hook across the back as a ‘stinger’ hook. In deeper, open water, put treble hook back on. Match color of rainbow trout with same forage as in the lakes, rivers. Fall rate is about 3 feet per second.  6” model fall rate is about 1 ½ foot per second.
 Colors available: Pearl White, Yellow Hitch, Blue Hitch, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Kokanee Trout
10 inch Yellow Hitch swimbait   6 inch rainbow trout swimbait    6 inch brown trout swimbait      12 inch pearl white trout swimbait             12 inch rainbow trout swimbait  

1/pk. Weighs approximately 1.3 oz. 3/0 Mustad hook with removable treble hook. Great bait to use during spawning time. Swim the bait across shallow weed beds, tules and rocky areas. Take treble hook off when throwing in weedy, woody areas. Use the treble hook across the back as a ‘stinger’ hook. In deeper, open water, put treble hook back on. Match the image of a baby shad for those hungry fish. Fall rate is about 8 inches per second.
Colors available: Largemouth, Smallmouth, Striper, Yellow Perch, Pearl White, Gold, and Sexy
5 inch Baby Bass Sexy swimbait    5 inch Baby Bass Smallmouth swimbait   5 inch Baby Bass Largemouth swimbait   5 inch Baby Bass Striper swimbait   5 inch Baby Bass Yellow Perch swimbait

Available in 3/8oz. and 1/2 oz.
3/0 Mustad hook with removable trailer blade. Great summer time bait. Double the commotion, double the flash. Hold on to your rod when these fish demolish your bait!!!
Colors available: White, Chartreuse, Chartreuse/Blue, and Red

2 bladed double trouble spinnerbait white   2 bladed double trouble spinnerbait chartreuse    2 bladed double trouble spinnerbait chartreuse blue   2 bladed double trouble spinnerbait red


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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Real Fish Bait custom lures

Real Fish Bait Company to celebrate release of new swimbait models:
Bluegill, Tilapia, and Goldfish series

Modesto, California, August 1, 2009 – Real Fish Bait Company announced today that it will be celebrating our new release of our swimbait models.

 Affordable swimbaits are hard to come by. Some may run up $80 per lure. At last, Real Fish Bait Company offers affordable bait that looks, feels and swims like the real thing. Baitfish such as bluegill, tilapia and minnows are part of the fish’s main forage and Real Fish Bait is just what they are looking to devour. Look at the detail and the lifelike features of these swimbaits.

You have a wide variety to choose from. There are many types of baitfish in different waters and by having a broad range of colors and patterns, you are certain to find one that matches your lake forage food. Buy the Real Fish Bait and see the difference it makes on your water. Catch those lunker fish you dreamed about and make it a reality. Tournament fisherman uses big lures to catch big fish. Real Fish Baits are noted to catch big fish.  Try them out and see for yourself.

3 new Bluegill colors: Warmouth, Sunfish and Sexy

New Double Trouble and Bait Ball spinnerbaits, and Baby Bass coming soon!

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